Sigma Network is a leader company in the manufacture and distribution of optical fiber cables. It was established in 2008, it has focused its activity since then on searching solutions adapted to the necessities of our customers.

The mainstay on which the success of our organization is based is the knowledge on telecommunications through fiber optic.

Our location in the city of Zaragoza, hotbed of many businesses related to the optic communications, makes that we keep in touch with any innovation of the sector.

What we do?:
The Main line of activity of our organization is the manufacture of fiber optic cables. Without forgetting the supply of other products related to installation of our cables.

One of the goals planned by the company is the technical advice and training to our customers to save costs during the deployment of their network and installation of our cables.



Because of our commitment to quality, strictness in fulfilling customers expectations and our wide experience in telecommunications sector.

Some of our customers : Indra , FCC , Navantia , Repsol , Endesa , Iberdrola , Zaragoza Town Hall , Spanish Army , Telefónica , Vodafone , Jazztel ,Orange,... .

Our main projects/supplies.

  • Year 2016. Customer: Gamesa. Location: Egypt. Supply of 160 km 12 fibers cable to Gaval El Zayt windfarm.
  • Year 2016. Customer: Telecommunication companies. Location: All around Spain. Supply of more than 1000 km of fiber optic cable for FTTH Network deployment.
  • Year 2015. Customer: FCC Location: Madeira (Portugal). Supply of 80 km of LSZH cables from 8 up to 32 OF for highway tunnels.
  • Years 2013 and 2014. Customer: Telefónica. Location: Zaragoza ( Spain )Fiber optic cable installation FTTH Network deployment for 10.000 subscribers.
  • Years 2013 to 2018. Customer: Zarown Hall Location: Zaragoza (Spain). Maintenance of the public fiber optic network. 2013-2018 period.
  • Year 2012. Customer : Indra. Location: Montreal (Canada).Supply of 100 km of fiber optic cable from 8 up to 48 fibers specially designs to support low temperatures. For communications in A-30 Montreal highway.
  • Year 2011 to 2013 Customer : DGT (governmental Spanish traffic). Location: All around Spain.Supply of more than 300 km of corrugated steel armored fiber optic cable from 8 up to 48 fibers.
  • Year 2010. Customer: Euroscut Azores Location: Islas Azores (Portugal).Supply of 105 km of 32 fibers corrugated steel armored fiber optic cable.
  • Years 2010 to 2012. Customer : Navantia Location: El Ferrol ( Spain ).Supply of 150 km of fiber optic cable for Battleships LHD “Juan Carlos I” (Spanish Navy), ALHD1 “Canberra” and ALHD2 “Adelaide” (Australian Navy).